This site is where I share my music playlists, plus whatever else is on my mind. But for the most part, you’ll just find my music playlists here.

About Dave Nakayama

Dave Nakayama I was born and does viagra do anything for women raised in Seattle and am still an avid Seahawks and Mariners, and now Sounders FC fan. I currently split my time between Palo Alto, CA (primary residence) and Belltown in Seattle, WA.

Things I have been involved with at some point in my professional life:

I’m currently at Amazon Music in San Francisco where I lead Tech, Product, and UX.

More info at LinkedIn and Facebook.
You can also contact me directly.


What’s the story with the logo?

I took the first Kanji character for my last name, “naka”, and superimposed it in negative space on canadian viagra the letter “D”.
“D-nak” Get it?