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Happy summer! I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather, sickness The World Cup, no rx and listening to great music. I found a good mix of indie pop and rock tracks with a dose of electronica, so I hope you find something in this list worth checking out.

With Lala gone as a streaming source, I’ll give you a few different options to choose from. In addition to the iTunes iMix below, I’m bringing back the Amazon MP3 list as well as experimenting with the new site rdio.com. While they don’t have a comprehensive selection yet, rdio looks promising. If you’re a member, you can see my partial list on rdio. If you’re not a member, drop me a note since I have a few invites left.

Update: I’m also playing around with mog, which seems to have much better indie lable coverage… 17 out of 20 songs. If you are a mog user, you can see my playlist on mog.

Also, clicking on a song name should bring to a site (MySpace, band site, or music blog) where you can stream the song for free. Enjoy!


The list is below….

Artist Song Title Album
1. School of Seven Bells Windstorm Disconnect From Desire
We’ll start off the list with the great lead single from School of Seven Bell’s highly anticipated sophomore LP due in July. The track is streaming on Pitchfork right now.
2. Bat For Lashes and Beck Let’s Get Lost The Twilight Saga:Ecplise Soundtrack
Wonderful collaboration between Beck & Bat For Lashes, and it’s Natasha Khan’s voice that shines
3. Hooray For Earth Comfortable, Comparable Momo
NYC-based quartet just released the Momo EP, and you can listen to this synth-infused indie track on their MySpace page.
4. Portishead Chase The Tear Chase the Tear
Portishead recorded and released this fantastic track exclusively for Amnesty International, which gets the proceeds from all iTunes sales.
5. Sleigh Bells Rill Rill Treats
Brooklyn-based Rill Rill gives us assertive and melodical noise pop on their debut album.
6. Arcade Fire The Suburbs The Suburbs
Arcade Fire keeps giving us bits and pieces from their upcoming Suburbs LP due in August. You can stream and buy this single from their site.
7. Avi Buffalo What’s In It For? Avi Buffalo
Another fantastic breezy track from LA-based Avi Buffalo. SubPop is also giving out a free MP3 of this track.
8. Beach Fossils Youth Beach Fossils
Dustin Payseur gives us hazy reverb-laden vocals over Surfer Blood-like guitar riffs and drums to good effect.
9. Crystal Castles Empathy Crystal Castles (II)
Dustin Payseur gives us hazy reverb-laden vocals over Surfer Blood-like guitar riffs and drums to good effect.
10. LCD Soundsystem I Can Change This Is Happening
Wow. I almost forgot that James Murphy has real singing chops. Check out his vocals on this very musical track from LCD, with a live performance below.
11. Au Ida Walked Away Versions
Epic track with soaring vocals over sprawling instrumentals from this ambitious Portland-based group.
12. Broken Social Scene World Sick Forgiveness Rock Record
Toronto supergroup keeps bringing us indie rock goodness. You can download this single from the BSS site directly, and here’s a live performance for you to checkout.
13. Foals Spanish Sahara Total Life Forever
UK group brings us a stunning track, with spare vocals building to a complex instrumental crescendo. Beautiful video.
14. Delorean Real Love Subiza
Beginning to really like Barcelona-based Ibiza and their flavor of uptempo hazy synth beats. Good stuff.
15. Tame Impala Solitiude Is Bliss InnerSpeaker
Australian group Tame Impala calls their style “psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music”. Check it.
16. The Kissaway Trail New Year Sleep Mountain
I absolutely loved their lead track “SDP”, and I’m happy to say that I’m really taking to this Danish group’s ambitiously enveloping sound.
17. The Kissaway Trail Don’t Wake Up Sleep Mountain
Here’s a wonderful live performance w/ a great into by their lead singer Thomas Fagerlund.
18. The Radio Dept. The Video Dept. Clinging to a Scheme
Another indie-pop track from Swedish group The Radio Dept.
19. Wild Nothing Chinatown Gemini
Virginia-based Wild Nothing gives us this standout shimmering indie pop track from their debut LP. You can also find the MP3 on pitchfork
20. Stars Wasted Daylight The Five Ghosts
o-oh oh o-oh. What a beautiful track from Stars featuring Amy Millan’s gorgeous vocals to close out this list. Here’s a live performance.

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